Follow & Complete the steps below


Create Your 25 Dollar 1Up Account

You will receive an email from 25 Dollar 1Up with your login information.  Be sure to write down your username and password so you do not forget.​​​​​​​

NOTE: If you already have a 25 Dollar 1Up account under sponsor, Sumeet Sethi then skip this step and go to Step 3.​​​​​​​

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1. Fill out this form

to create a Acount

2. Make Sure your sponsor name shows "Sumeet Sethi"


Accept No Refund Policy Terms

Type in "I ACCEPT" in the field and click "Accept The Terms & Conditions."  DO NOT COPY & PASTE.  It must be manually typed in..​​​​​​​

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1. Type " I ACCEPT"

​​​​​​​here in CAPITAL leters

2. Then click here to Acept the "No Return Policy"


On the Dashboard, Click "Step 1: Buy The Hosting"​​​​​​​

NOTE: If you've already paid the $10 Hosting Fee, skip this step and go to Step 5.​​​​​​​

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Click on Step 1 to pay 10$ Hosting Fee


Pay the $10 "Hosting Fee"​​​​​​​

Click the "Pay With Card' button.  DO NOT PAY WITH BITCOIN!  Paying with Bitcoin, will delay the process.  A pop up window will show when you click the blue "Pay With Card" button.

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You can use your credit card to make the payment.  Once the payment has been made, you'll be sent back to the Dashboard.​​​​​​​

1. Click here and pay with your Credit Card here

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2. Do not "Pay with Bitcoin" ​​​​​​​Payment with Bitcoin delays the process here

 Click here on Pay with card

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1. You Should sent back to  the dashboardafter you pay 10$ Hosting Fee. Just go to "Step 2" to confirm your 25$ Payment. Go to next step to know how to confirm payment.


Now Click on Step 2 to buy gold Level Package

Here you have to make a payment to your sponsor. His or her Acount No. or other payment receiving Account sources are given in Step 2

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 Click on Step 2 to pay for your $25 Gold Package payment to your Sponsor

Click the green "Payment is done" button for your Gold membership​​​​​​​

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After making Payment to your Sponsor, Your Next step is Click the "Payment is done" button. 

1. Fill out the form

type "25dollar1up" here

 Click this Green "Payment is Done" and a pop up will Appear after this


Fill out the Submit Payment Notification form for your Gold Membership

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In the "Tracking Number" field, enter 251up.  

In the "Additional Information" field, enter 25 Payment.

We'll receive an email and mark that we received your payment.  This will make your Gold membership active.

2.  Type in "25 $ payment"


25 $ payment

3. Click here to submit your information

4. The system will then send me(your sponsor) an email notification that you have send me your 25$ payment. I will then Approve your confirmation which will give you Access to your 25 Dollar 1 Up Products. i usually can  APPROVE payment prety quick, but please allow me a few hours  just in case i am away from my PC.